Monday, 8 September 2008

Missing guide information on the Bush BFSAT01SD

So a funny thing happened on my Bush freesat box the other day.The programme guide kept listing “no information available” on a whole bunch of channels that were previously fine. Also, attempting to view the channels gave me the “no service available” message and a blank TV screen. Not good at all! I know we have been having bad weather and it can sometimes affect the satellite signal. And I have had the occasional no information available on a few channels before, but this usually rights itself after a few minutes or at most a few hours. But it seemed to be getting worse and worse. More and more of the listed channels were being affected. I wondered whether my father in law’s recent visit had anything to do with it…..He seemed a little at odds with how to use the freesat box, and his lust for watching the cricket on any channel that would show it led to him hitting buttons on the remote left right and centre and getting in a right state about it. Eventually I just set him up with listening to the commentary on one of the radio channels – I can’t remember which one.

Anyway so back to the lack of freesat channels. As you know, I can’t receive terrestrial television because of the rubbish reception I have in my area, so I rely on freesat exclusively for my television. I flipped through a few menus to try and see if what the signal strength was……all good there. I tried manually adding a channel, but for some reason, it wouldn’t let me. The only thing left to do (because the bush has an extremely limited menu system) was a first time install! Yikes….wipe out all my settings – so with some trepidation I selected the option, only to be prompted for a lock code! I’ve never set one up, so either my father in law had somehow managed to create a lock code, or the automatic upgrade to the software has put one in by default! A little worrying really, especially if it was simply upgraded automatically to include one – I mean that would be pretty confusing to the casual user. Anyway, I took a wild stab at an access code of 0000 for my freesat receiver , and hey presto, luckily, it worked. OK off we go with a complete fresh re-install…..or first time install. Typed in my postcode and set it off to find all its channels again. Which it duly did. And hey presto all my tv guide information is once again displaying, and all my channels are back up and running! Thank goodness for that. Even got a few new channels showing up, which weren’t there before. One of which seems to show mixed martial art all day long! Cool!


florere said...

It worked on my Goodman's box as well,and I also got some new channels, don't blame your father-in-law

Chris said...

Thanks for this blog post, my Goodmans box had a similar issue and is now working fine.

James said...

I had this problem on my Bush. It corrected itself when I powered it off and on again.
From the symptoms, I guess it is a 'memory leak' in badly written Firmware that gradually reduces the amount of program information it can store.