Thursday, 28 August 2008

Metronic Freesat Boxes

The choice of freesat box is pretty thin on the ground at the moment. With only a few manufacturers actually producing freesat boxes, your choices are very limited indeed.
, Goodmans and Humax all produce freesat boxes, though we all know that Bush and Goodmans are basically the same manufacturer. All three produce HD freesat digiboxes, and Bush and Goodmans also have SD freesat boxes for those not bothered with HD or without a TV that can support HD. Grundig have also got an offering, and Panasonic are producing televisions that have built in freesat receivers which look very tempting indeed!

Anyway, recently, Freesat announced that they have decided to add another manufacturer into the fold. So, Metronic will be adding their version of a Freesat digibox to the fray, with the first version tipped to be released in mid October. There you have it, more choice for your freesat viewing! If you haven't bought a freesat box yet, check out the links to right to purchase one!

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